How to connect to utilities in Spain

When you have found your perfect property in Spain, you will need to arrange connection to utilities and communication services in Spain.

Dealing with Spanish utility companies can be a bit of an uphill struggle and not one of the happiest tasks you will need to deal with in relation to your new Spanish home.

It is becoming increasingly common for lawyers dealing with the purchase of property in Spain to offer services in relation to the transfer of the utilities, especially if they regularly deal with UK clients buying in Spain.

If you wish to save yourself the hassle of setting up the utilities to your Spanish home including water, gas and electricity it may be worthwhile asking your Spanish lawyer if they provide this service.

Total Buying Abroad can put you in touch with recommended English Speaking lawyers who can provide this service in addition to assisting you with the purchase of your property in Spain.


Connecting to Water Supply in Spain

After buying a property in Spain you will need to arrange for the water contract to be registered in your name. You should check in advance that all water bills have been paid by the previous owner.

You will usually need to register your ownership of the property with the Town Hall and have the water contract transferred into your name. They may request some identification from you, such as your passport and the previous contract and evidence of bills paid by the former owner of your property.

Holiday home owners in Spain or those that will be non-resident are usually advised to give their foreign address in case there are any problems, for example a bank failing to pay the water bill.

Water bills usually include sewerage and may also include rubbish collection if a city provides all services. If this is the case the cost of rubbish collection may be calculated on how much water you use (i.e. a bigger family will generally use more water and also create more rubbish).


Connecting to Waste Disposal in Spain

Most municipalities in Spain charge an annual fee for rubbish collection. It may be that this is included with your water bill. You should therefore check with your Town Hall about what the situation is in the area in which your property in located.


Connecting to Electricity Supply in Spain

Once you have bought your property in Spain you must sign a contract with the local electricity company.  Most companies will allow registration online or by telephone, however some may require you to visit the company’s office to register.

Spain’s main electricity companies include Groupo Endesa, Iberdrola, Union Fenosa, and Hidrocantábrico. In many areas there may be only one company providing electricity.

You will usually need to take some identification with you (passport or residence permit) and the contract and bills paid by the previous owner (and a good book, as queues can be long).

When you register, whether online, by telephone or in person you will need your identification as well as the reference number for the electricity supply. You may also be required to provide details of bills paid by the former property owner.

You should ensure that all previous bills have been paid by the previous owner and that the contract is put into your name from the day you take over.

If you’re a non-resident property owner, you should also give your home country address so that you can be quickly contacted if there are any problems, for example a bank failing to pay the bills. Some electricity companies have service lines where customers can obtain information in English in addition to Spanish.

You can pay your bills by direct debit (transferencia) from a Spanish bank account. If you own a holiday home in Spain, you can have your bills sent to your home country address abroad.

You can also usually pay bills at a post office, at the local banks listed on the bill or at the electricity company’s office.


Connecting to Gas Supply in Spain

If your Spanish property has mains gas, you must contact the local gas company to have the gas switched on, the meter read and to sign a supply contract.

In many areas of Spain, gas bottles are delivered to homes by Repsol Butano. A contract is required for the supply of gas bottles. A contract is provided after a safety inspection has been made of the property where the gas appliance is to be used.

Broadband, telephone and TV

Connecting to Broadband, Telephone and TV in Spain

Many of us dream of living or getting a second home in Spain, only to be put off by missing our family and friends or even our favourite TV shows. In this digital age a good broadband connection can bring your family and friends to your terrace in the sun.

Mobile technology, combined with online media applications such as Skype and Facetime have brought face-to-face catch ups a daily event.

Having a reliable, fast broadband connection in Spain has become essential to making your place in the sun a home from home.

To help you stay connected while you’re away here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about internet connections in Spain.

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Does all of Spain have good broadband and telephone services?

Cities and coastal regions have good internet options and speeds, in land (Campo) can be slower and sometimes unavailable, so it would be worth checking with a supplier before you purchase.

What broadband speeds can I expect in Spain?

In cities up to 200 Mb, in most coastal areas between 1 and 10 Mb on average.

How long will it take to set up my internet connection in Spain?

It depends on which service you choose. ADSL between 5 to 20 working days. 4G almost instant. Wimax is 3 days on average.

Do I need to have a phone line to get connected to the internet in Spain?

Not necessarily. There are options on both 4G and Wimax that do not need a fixed line.

What are the costs of broadband, telephone, and TV packages in Spain?

As a combo package these cost approximately 50€ to 60€. Prices are much on par with Sky or BT in the UK.

What if I am not in Spain all of the time, can I just pay for broadband and services when I am there?

Yes, there are part-time packages available through Wimax.

Will it be easy to set up broadband in Spain and will their customer services speak English?

Yes, Telitec offer free set up and their customer support is in English, as well as many other languages

Can I receive all UK TV Channels in Spain? If so what package do I need?

Legally, you can get Freeview channels, as in the UK, on an IPTV box supplied by Telitec with rewind software.

For more details on get connected to Broadband, TV and Telephone in Spain, contact Telitec on 0844 823 6050 or at |