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Here you will find free information and guidance to bring your French property dream to life.

Total Buying Abroad can also help by recommending various French property professionals such as independent English-speaking French lawyers, estate agents in France, currency specialists (and many more!) to help guide you through the French property buying process.

We provide initial guidance and can assist you in obtaining no-obligation quotes from the best in the French property industry; saving you time, thousands of euros and taking the stress out of buying your property in France.

If you are thinking of buying a property in France, a great place to start is to download our French Property Buying Guide. It contains a wide range of information about buying property in France, helpfully collated all into one place.

The guide covers all aspects of the French property buying process including:

  • Choosing the right estate agents in France
  • A buying time line “what to do and when”
  • How to find an independent English-speaking French Lawyer
  • Your rights to healthcare in France
  • Getting the most from your foreign currency exchange
  • And much more!

Should you need any further information or if you would like us to put you in touch with any of our recommended professionals, just get in touch.

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