If you are moving to Spain, the thought of packing up and moving your furniture and possessions can be very daunting with many people not knowing where to start.

What can I take to Spain? How should I move my possessions to Spain? How long will it take for my goods to arrive in Spain? What should I look for when selecting an international removal firm? are all questions many people planning a move to Spain find themselves asking.

It is important to find a reliable international firm that you can trust; after all they will be responsible for all of your possessions during your move. A good removal firm will be able to assist you and steer you smoothly through the whole process, from packing up your home in the UK to unloading at your new home in Spain.

Here are some frequently asked questions about moving your possessions to Spain:

What can I take to Spain?

Pretty much anything! It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have, a good removal firm can help you take your possessions to Spain. Most household goods can be taken to Spain but it is important to remember that the plugs will need to be changed or they will need an adaptor. Possessions can range from a car to a cushion- oh and don’t forget your golf clubs!

How much will it cost to ship my possessions to Spain?

Whilst it initially may seem costly, shipping your possessions to Spain will probably be cheaper than purchasing new furniture in Spain; furnishing a whole house can be very costly!  The cost of shipping may not be as expensive as it seems; the average cost for shipment of a typical 3-bedroom semi to Spain could be approximately £3,000 but a trained team member of a removals firm can visit your house and provide a full and accurate, no obligation quote. They could also provide you with several quotes if you are still unsure about shipment of some of your furniture and possessions.

Consider using a packing service offered by many international removal firms. This is where the fully trained and professional removals team will safely pack up all of your belongings. They will also keep an inventory of everything that has been packed, which will be required to receive clearance at customs. Although this may seem like an added expense, it can save a huge amount of time, energy and stress.

Do I need to fill a whole shipping container?

Many people don’t want to take a full house load but can’t live without a few special things. Some removal companies offer part-load spaces or tea-chest size loads so you can still take your favourite items without having to pay for a full load.

Can I take my plants to Spain?

You can take plants to Spain and most removal firms will be happy to take them for you but bear in mind that they can take up a lot of room in a container or on a lorry, as nothing will be able to be stacked on top. It is also worth checking if your plants will be able to survive the sunnier climate of Spain.

What should I look for when choosing an international removal firm?

Ideally, choose one that is a member of the British Association of Removers Overseas (BAR). This will ensure any payment made to a firm is protected for extra peace of mind.

Companies that have FAIM accreditation have been recognised by an independent quality assurance standard for the removals industry.

Members of the FIDI Global Alliance are able to offer the same standard of service in Spain as well as in the UK.

You should check that they have insurance that will cover all of your possessions throughout the move; in both countries and whilst at sea and that they cover any loss or damage in transit.

Total Buying Abroad can provide details of a recommended international removal firm for you.

What do I need to move my goods to Spain?

To ship your possessions to Spain you need to have a fully detailed inventory list of everything packed, written in Spanish, a valuation form for shipment protection cover and your NIE number and passport.

How long will I have to wait to receive my goods once in Spain?

For a full shipment load, it could take as little as 3-7 days to ship your goods to Spain. For part loads it could take 1-3 weeks.

When should I contact an international removal firm for a quote?

It is a good idea to get in touch 3-6 months before your planned removal date. That way the removal firm can prepare you an accurate quote. They will be able to visit your house and calculate exactly how big the container will need to be.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a definite moving date or full address of where you are moving to- these can be updated at a later date.

Whether you are planning on sending a full or part household removal, excess baggage or a vehicle to Spain, it is essential to know that your belongings are in safe hands. Here at Total Buying Abroad we can help you to find a professional, organised and reliable removals company to help take the stress out of your move to Spain. Contact us on +44(0)1244 478911.

You can find lots more information about international removal firms as well as other helpful advice to help make your move to Spain a success in our free download guide.