Top tips for your viewing trip to Italy

It’s all too easy to get carried away and fall head over heels with a property in Italy. With so much money at stake it is important to get it right first time and buy with your head and not just your heart.

So here are some top tips on what you need to check while on your viewing trip in Italy.

Does the property match your needs?

Its important to make sure that the property gives you what you want from your Italian home. Before you go on the viewing trip, write a checklist of what you want out of your property and make sure you refer back to it before shortlisting any properties.

Local transport links

Do you want to have own a car in Italy? If not you might want to check the local transport links to towns and cities.

Local amenities

Often rural properties offer great value for money and a laid back life style

but you might want to take into consideration where you might get that loaf of bread or the location of the nearest doctor’s.

International airports

Whether it’s your holiday home, investment or a retirement pad, the location of an international airport is important.

Budget airlines are regularly used by expats and holidaymakers alike. It might be worth taking in to consideration how long an operator has been flying to that destination and what are the alternatives are if an operator was to stop flying to that airport.

Winter conditions

Many people view properties in the height of summer when the average temperature is soaring.  Little consideration is therefore given as to how the property would be in the much lower temperatures of winter.

Italian houses are often built with little insulation, solid stone walls and with limited heating. With temperatures in Lake Garda sometime touching freezing in January, it might be worth checking out the heating sources for the property if you want use the property all year round.

View the property at different times

Properties can be very different at day and night. You may fall in love with a apartment in the day time only to find when you move in there is an all night bar in earshot. Conversely you might not have noticed the school around the corner, which could mean more noise in the daytime.

Monthly Affordability

It’s important to factor in the on-going monthly costs of your Italian property.   The estate agent should be able to provide details of the on-going costs for the property. It can be well worth taking in to account the costs of local taxes, service charges, utilities and pool maintenance.


Thanks to the internet the world is now a smaller place. You can sit and enjoy your terrace in the sun while Skype-ing you’re nearest and dearest back home.  If you are planning to keep in touch with the family or will just want to catch up with some English TV, check there is a good broadband connection in the area before committing to the property purchase.

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Article published: August 15, 2016