Success stories – Mark and Natasha, Abruzzo

Despite coming across a few hurdles along the way, Mark and Natasha are pleased that they have a fantastic Abruzzo property, from which they can enjoy everything that the area has to offer- when they are not having to entertain constant streams of visiting friends and family that is!

Why did you choose to buy a property in Italy?

We fell in love with the Italian way of life, the food and (most of the time) the weather.

We like the Abruzzo region and property there can be good value. The area has a lot to offer from mountains and ski resorts to fantastic seaside towns all within driving distance.

We speak very little Italian and want to learn more. We decided the best way to learn was to submerge ourselves and live in Italy for 6 months of the year. The world is too big to live in just one place all of your life!

We are hardly ever alone for long, as friends and family are always looking for an excuse to visit and have a holiday. We enjoy days on the slopes in the winter and sunning ourselves in the spring and early summer along the coast. What’s not to love?

How did you find the Italian property buying process?

We would like to say it was all straightforward but sadly we did have a few problems along the way as we rushed in a bit to start without getting all the right advice.

The first house we chose fell though as there was an issue with the title deed and land. We tried to deal with things without a lawyer initially and got into a bit of mess which ended up making the situation quite stressful. Fortunately, we did get good legal advice in the end and it was our Italian lawyer who advised us of the issue with the property deeds which meant we had to walk away from that house. It was frustrating at the time but looking back I’m so glad we got that advice and found out what we did before it was too late.

Our lawyer was also on hand to help when we came across a couple of issues with another seller and helped us to understand what we should (and should not!) do.

Our Italian lawyer was based in the UK and was used to working with Brits buying in Italy. We had found it difficult to find a good English-speaking lawyer in Italy. It made no difference that he was based in the UK. He was brilliant actually.

An Italian estate agent in the UK who had connections all over Abruzzo found us the house we eventually bought, they were also extremely helpful.

What was the most stressful part of buying a property in Italy?

We got a bit stressed over the problems with the first property at the time but if we had done a but more research and got the right advice to start with, I think this would have been much easier.

What are your 5 top tips for people looking to buy property in Italy ?

Compare houses in the same area together, what you get for your money in one town can be very different to another and can make viewing trips confusing.

Do some research about the process in Italy and get in touch with a good English-speaking Italian lawyer from the start and before you go too far into the process.

Don’t use the bank for your money transfer! We made this mistake with the deposit for the property. The rate the banks give you is not as good as a currency company and can make a massive difference to how much the property ends up costing.

Even if you come across some hurdles as we did, don’t give up on your dream. It’s well worth it when you have finally settled in your new home in Italy.

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Article published: September 19, 2016