Property prices in the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca – a region extending from the town of Denia to Pilar De La Horadada – remains one of the most popular places for people buying properties in Spain, especially amongst foreign investors. But property prices in Costa Blanca can vary drastically, from the affordable Orihuela Costa and Pilar de Horada, where you can snap up a 1-bedroom apartment for as little as £50,000 to the exclusive resorts of Jávea and Moraira, where coastal properties can reach €500,000 to €4,000,000 – yikes! So, it’s crucial that you do your research before jetting off for a viewing trip!

Property prices in Spain are still around 30 per cent lower than at their pre-recession height, so the region offers great value for money. However, in recent years the market has been recovering and is buoyant with international buyers and property prices are rising at their highest on the ‘Costas’. The Orihuela Costa, for instance, experienced one of the highest property price increases across Spain of around 10 per cent capital growth in 2017. While, according to the Spanish Office for National Statistics, the number of homes sold in Alicante increased by 39 per cent year-on-year in March 2017.

With year-round sunshine, numerous ‘Blue Flag’ beaches and traditional Spanish vibes the tourism market in Costa Blanca is equally buoyant, making the area a great location to invest for those looking to profit from renting out their property in Spain as a holiday let.

As a general rule, you can expect to pay more for a property in the North Costa Blanca than the South Costa Blanca, mainly due to the more scenic landscape in the north. Understandably, property prices in the Costa Blanca also vary considerably depending on the style, age, location, proximity to coast and the local infrastructure.

New-build properties tend to fetch a significantly higher asking price than re-sale equivalents in most areas, although high-end ‘second-hand’ properties in the likes of Moraira can set you back a few million!

See below for a rough guide on what you can expect to pay for different types on properties in some of the Costa Blanca’s top locations!*

Property Style /
1-bedroom apartments2/3-bedroom apartments 2/3-bedroom townhouses2-bedroom villas 3-bedroom villas

The most northerly resort in the Costa Blanca. A lively town centre, port with ferry services to the Balearics and 15 kilometres of white sandy beaches and within an hour of two major airports.

Average: €85,000–€90,000

Average: €170,00–€190,000

Average: €170,000–€200,000

Average: €240,000–€270,000

Average: €300,000–350,000
Jávea (Xàbia)

A charming yet ‘trendy’ old town – sometimes referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Costa Blanca’ – with the stunning Montgó mountains as a backdrop.

Average: €165,000–€180,000

Average: €220,000–€250,000

Average: €220,00–€250,000

Average: €250,000–€300,000

Average: €450,000–€650,000

This now upmarket town – formerly a fishing village – has flourished into a beautiful and exclusive beach resort.

Average: €150,000

Average: €180,000–€190,000

Average: €250,000–€400,000

Average: €250,000–€350,000

Average: €350,000–500,000

The capital of the province of the same name, the port Alicante, has a lot to offer! From traditional festivals and a lively nightlife to stunning beaches and leisure activities it’s firm favourite with locals and foreign investors alike.

Average: €55,000–€65,000

Average: €75,000–€82,000

Average: €160,000–€180,000

Average: €165,000–180,000

Average: €250,000–€270,000

Torrevieja, one of the fastest growing places in Spain, is a hub of activity full of traditional charm and character. The coastal city is considered to have one of the healthiest climates in the world, according to the World Health Organisation.

Average: €65,000–€75, 000

Average: €160,000–170,000

Average: €160,000–180,000

Average: €78,000–€88,000

Average: €200,00–€220,000
Orihuela Costa

The Orihuela Costa is home to a string of resorts, including Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Villamartín, Cabo Roig and Campoamor. Every type of amenity is on the doorstep and beautiful beaches and multiple golf courses are all nearby.

Average: €70,000–€80,000

Average: €150,000–€180,000

Average: €150,000–€170,000

Average: €180,000–

Average: €250,000–€270,000
Pilar de la Horadada

The most southerly resort in the Costa Blanca, Pilar de la Horadada is a quiet old town with beautiful beaches.

Average: €65,000–€85,000
€80,000 –€190,000

Average: €120,000–€140,000

Average: €125,000– 145,000

Average: €110,000–€125,000

Average: €135,000–€150,000

*Lowest prices generally indicate properties that are not in prime locations and in need of renovation. Highest prices are primarily indicative of high-end, luxury and new-build properties in prime locations.

The above chart is designed to be handy guide to help you understand the difference in property prices in various areas in the Costa Blanca. However, there are of course always exceptions to the rule and you may just snap up a bargain in need of renovation in Jávea, equally a luxury apartment may set you back a little more in the usually more modest Pilar de la Horadada.

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Article published: November 22, 2018