If you are heading out on a trip to view a property in Spain, Italy, France or Portugal, take a look at our property viewing checklist to make the most out of your viewing trip. 

Property Viewing Trip Checklist

What to Take

Camera, measuring tape and note pad

Take a measuring tape if you will want to remember the sizes of rooms or particular spaces. Take lots of photos so you can remember each of the properties you have seen and compare them after the viewing. Jot down any good or bad points that spring to mind about each property in a notepad.

Lawyer’s details

Before you go, get in touch with an independent English-speaking lawyer who could assist you should you find your ideal property. Take their details with you and keep them handy in case you need to contact them whilst you are away to check any documentation or details of the property.


What to Check

Does the property match with your needs?

Does the property provide what you actually want? Before you go on the viewing trip, write a checklist of what you want out of your property and make sure you refer back to it to make sure the property gives you want you require.

Local transport links

Will you need a car? You might want to check the local transport links to the airport and other towns and cities to make sure the property will be accessible for you and your guests.

Local amenities

You might want to take into consideration where you might get that emergency 500ml of milk and the location of the nearest doctor’s, especially if you are looking at rural property,

Winter conditions

Houses in warmer climates are often built with little insulation and limited heating. With temperatures as low as 5 degrees in winter it might be worth checking out what heating they have if you want use the property all year round.

Different times of day

Properties can be very different at day and night. Check for the all night karaoke bar at the back that gets going after dark and for the school around the corner, which could mean more noise in the daytime.

Monthly affordability

The estate agent should be able to provide details of the on-going costs for the property. It is worth taking in to account local taxes, service charges and pool maintenance costs.


Does the property have its own meter for water/ electricity? What are the average costs?


If you are planning to keep in touch with the family or will just want to catch up with some TV from back home, check there is a good broadband connection in the area.

What’s included

Will the price include any furniture or additional land. Are the boundaries clearly defined?


What Not to Do

Do not sign anything or pay over any money for deposits or reservations without having the documentation checked by an independent lawyer. Do not use a lawyer who is connected or suggested by the estate agent. Find your own lawyer who is independent.

Do not be pressurised into making decisions. Give yourself plenty of time to consider your options.

Do not pay any money without speaking with a currency specialist if funds in a different currency.

Download our free printable property-viewing-checklist so you can take this with you on your viewing trip.

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Article published: November 22, 2016