Can people from the UK still buy a property in Spain after Brexit?

If you’re a UK citizen and want to buy a property in Spain to use as a holiday home and don’t intend to work or live permanently in Spain, it is unlikely that anything much will change after the UK leaves the EU (currently set for 29 March 2019). So yes, you will still be able to buy a property in Spain!

People from other non-EU countries such as America, Australia, China, Norway and Switzerland have been buying property in Spain without a problem for decades. The position for British property buyers in Spain after Brexit is expected to be the same as it is currently  for citizens of other non-EU countries.

Worst case scenario, there is a possibility that Spain might decide to impose extra property taxes for UK property owners after the UK leave the EU.  However, Spain actively encourages investment in property from foreign investors and the UK makes up a high percentage of Spain’s foreign property buyers. It is therefore hard to see why Spain would treat Brits less favourably than say Norwegian or Swiss property buyers and risk deterring one of the biggest sources of investment in  the foreign property market.

Therefore if you wish to buy property in Spain after Brexit, there will be nothing to stop you doing so.

Non-EU citizens are able to stay in Spain for 90 days in a 180 day (6 month) period. Whilst citizens of some countries require a travel visa for this, it is unlikely that this will be required for UK citizens after Brexit- for example nationals from the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand don’t currently require a visa to enter Spain for up to 90 days. Even if there was a requirement for UK citizens to have a visa to enter Spain, it is unlikely to be a difficult process.

So you can essentially spend up to 6 months a year in Spain. Plenty of time to make use of your second home!

If you intend to retire / move permanently to your Spanish property after the UK leaves the EU you will need to consider how to become a resident of Spain after Brexit. 

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Article published: July 25, 2018