Buying property on the Lisbon Coast

The Lisbon Coastline, which runs along the River Tagus to the Atlantic Ocean, is home to not only the bustling capital city, but also numerous towns and villages that are popular destinations and each have their own amenities to offer.

Each area has its own stop along the train line, and from Belém onwards they each have their own individual beaches. These villages and towns are part of the affluent ‘Portuguese Riviera’, which is internationally recognised as a luxury destination to the west of Lisbon.

Portugal is also renowned for one of the most popular Golden Visa programs, so with the purchase of a property over the price of €500,000, you may be eligible for this scheme. Read our free guide to Golden Visas in Portugal for more information.

How much does property cost on the Lisbon Coast?

Property prices in Lisbon vary greatly, however a 1-bedroom apartment for €150,000 (less than your average property price in Lisbon) is possible in a picturesque village just 15 minutes on the train outside of Lisbon. Whilst Cascais is a hotspot for holiday homes, you can find villas for half of the price in towns with similar traditional Portuguese charm just 20 minutes on the train along the coast.

What do I need to buy property in Portugal?

The process of buying property in Lisbon can be quite complex for foreign buyers, so contact us and we can assist with a range of services, including English-speaking lawyers and estate agents based in Portugal.

Average property prices on the Lisbon Coast

Property Style/Location1-bedroom apartments2/3-bedroom apartments2/3-bedroom townhouses2-bedroom villas3-bedroom villas
Within the city of Lisbon there are endless opportunities. One of the most popular European city destinations.
€115,000- €1,350,000   Average €200,000- €300,000€140,000- €4,000,000   Average €400,000- €500,000€280,000- €1,670,000   Average €800,000- €1,600,000€190,000- €2,220,000   Average €700,000- €900,000€220,000- €3,700,000   Average €1,100,000- €1,700,000
The famed home to the first ‘pastel de nata’ bakery, ‘Pastéis de Belém’. Belém offers many amenities and activities, including the tower of Belém, and a Jazz festival held weekly in the main park from May to September.
€150,000- €920,000   Average €600,000- €800,000€350,000- €2,500,000   Average €700,000- €950,000€1,650,000- €3,000,000   Average €1,650,000- €2,000,000  
Algés boasts a popular food court a short walk from the coast. This is a great place for the sporty type- there is a large golf course, sports centre with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a rock-climbing wall.
€150,000- €700,000   Average €160,000- €190,000€150,000- €1,350,000   Average €250,000- €350,000€400,000- €800,000   Average €500,000- €600,000€120,000- €1,490,000   Average €500,000- €600,000€285,000- €1,250,000   Average €600,000- €800-000
Paço de Arcos
Alongside its popular beach, Paço de Arcos is also home to the Fornos da Cal, a collection of stone kilns dating back to the Middle Ages. Its inhabitants describe it as ‘the most charming village in Portugal’.
€150,000- €400,000 Average €300,000- €400,000€330,000- €575,000   Average €400,000- €500,000 €300,000- €850,000   Average ­­€500,000- €700,000€525,000- €3,500,000   Average €700,000- €900,000
Carcavelos e Parede  
This area is characterised by its beautiful and numerous beaches. It is also home to the picturesque Parque Morais, with a river and duck ponds throughout, and festivals held at this park in the spring and summer months.
€195,000- €295,000   Average €200,000- €250,000€170,000- €675,000   Average €350,000- €450,000 €180,000- €600,000   Average €300,000- €400,000€297,000- €2,600,000   Average €450,000 €550,000
Estoril is frequented for its multiple popular beaches and is a short coastal walk to the town of Cascais. Overlooking the coast is the Estoril Gardens, which lead to the famous Estoril Casino, which is one of the biggest casinos in Europe.
€120,000- €850,000   Average €250,000- €400,000€176,000- €2,300,000   Average €400,000- €600,000 €650,000- €1,540,000   Average €800,000- €1,000,000€590,000- €2,300,000   Average €1,200,000- €1,300,000
Cascais is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Portugal and is renowned for its traditional Portuguese charm. In Cascais, you will also count celebrities such as Madonna as neighbours.
€155,000- €800,000   Average €400,000- €600,000€165,000- €3,800,000   Average €600,000- €900,000€245,000- €2,500,000   Average €800,000- €1,000,000€300,000- €1,600,000   Average €600,000- €1,000,000€320,000- €3,600,000   Average €700,000- €1,200,000

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