Success stories – Amanda and Peter, Dordogne.

Amanda and Peter finally realised their dream of owning a property in the Dordogne after going on holiday there for many years. The fantastic food, scenery and people convinced them to take the plunge and relocate. They love the way of life that France offers.

Why did you choose to buy a property in Dordogne France?

We love this region of France, the wonderful food, scenery and people. It has been our favourite place to holiday, ever since our children were young. We wanted to mix with the French people and experience the culture, which is great in the small market towns. There is a nice mix between the local French and expats from around the world. It’s a way of life that just works for us.

How did you find the French property buying process?

Very easy. We used a local French estate agent who spoke English very well. We instructed a French lawyer based in England as well as a notary in France as we wanted to know how the forced heirship rules in France could affect us and our families in relation to the property. They were all really helpful and the purchase was relatively smooth.

What was the most stressful part of buying a property in France?

We did our research and I think because of this, the purchase progressed without too much drama. There was a bit of haggling over the fixtures and fittings but other than that it was pretty straightforward. We could not totally relax until we finally moved in however!

What are your top tips for people looking to buy property in Dordogne France?

You’re probably going to be spending ablot of money so make sure you do your research to get it right.

Get an independent lawyer who understands French and English inheritance to assist you in buying the property, as there is a bit to think about, especially if like us you and your partner have children from different relationships.

Give some consideration to the exchange rate and how to deal with this when paying over the purchase monies early on. We worked out that we saved 18,000 euros by using a currency specialist that was recommend to us.

If like us you will be relocating to France, instruct a trusted international removals firm to move your belongings for you. It’s not worth trying to do the move yourself! They will even help you pack!

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Article published: September 19, 2016